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In a jam jar mix the dye powder with a little warm water and make a solution. MX DYE RECIPE for DECONSTRUCTED SCREEN PRINTING.

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This amount for deconstructed is.

Mx dye recipes. Mix the concentrated dye powder with tap water to create the most vibrant colors possible for cotton linen and other plant-based fabrics may also be used with protein fibers if acidified. Medium 2 tsp. Enter clean wet cloth into the above dye-bath.

Stir frequently for 10 to 15 minutes. DISSOLVE SALT In another container dissolve the salt in two quarts of hot tap water. DOUBLE the amount normally required for direct painting or screen printing.

Mix liquid dye concentrates with plain warm water to color and value desired about 1 cup 240 ml of liquid altogether for each yard meter of fabric. Lay more damp fabric on top making certain that the moisture will not directly contact the printed fabric. Temperature of water should be 70 to 105 F.

This is your dyebath. Procion MX dye see above for amounts 14 - 13 cup of soda ash. While the fabric is still wet place printed or painted fabric between two large sheets of plastic.

Stock solution 18 tsp. You will need at minimum yellow MX-8G turquoise MX-G and red MX-8B plus a premixed black such as black MX-CWNA. Continue dyeing for 40 minutes stirring often.

Dry dye powder 1 12 tsp. So i am going to write down the recipe here so i can just look it up when i need to. Add dye solution to the salt water and stir again.

Or wrinkle fabric as desired and then wet with about 1 cup 240 ml warm water. Light 12 tsp. Stock solution Procion MX Color Mixing Chart 2.

MX DYE RECIPE. Squish and agitate as desired. Dry dye powder 6 tsp.

AMOUNT of DYE for 12 Cup. The Procion MX fiber reactive dye will react with the fiber as long as they remain damp. Add the fabric or fiber.

Stock solution 18 tsp. Stock solution 116 tsp. The pH while the dyes are still in the dyebath.

Easily from a stock solution of 1 teaspoon of dye powder dissolved in 12 cup water. Before dyeing it is important to check whether the fabric is Prepared for Dyeing PFD or requires scouring to remove any grease oil or starch. Rit Dye Colors Chart Color Mixing Chart Yarn Colors Colour Chart Fabric Dyeing Techniques Embroidery Techniques Art Techniques How To Tie Dye How To Dye Fabric Colors of Procion Dye MX Color Mixing.

Dry dye powder1 12 tsp. Industry prefers a longer exhaustion method which uses less dye and gives even dyeing. For intermediate dye mixing you should in addition get yellow MX-GR orange MX-2R blue MX-R blue MX-G and either blue MX-2G or navy blue MX-3R.

Exploring Low-Water Immersion Dyeing by Ann Johnston is 250 samples of fabrics 17 demonstrations and loads of technical information on MX dyes working with cotton and the requirements of silk fabrics. 1 12 - 3 cups of salt non-iodized Synthrapol for pre-washing and post-rinsing. PLUS how to make and use clay resist with indigo.

Dissolve the soda ash in some water in a jug or jar and add to the dye solutionsalt water in the bucket. This gives them very good light and wash fastness. 1 tablespoon alum 1 teaspoon cream of tartar in enough water to cover the shirt well.

Indigo is a magical dye that comes from a plant and creates the most gorgeous blue imaginable. Dry dye powder6 tsp. Dry dye powder12 cup 24 tsp stock solution 12 tsp.

Fill dye bath container with 3 gallons of warm 105 degrees Farenheit tap water. Shibori Fabric Yarn How To Dye Fabric Dyeing Fabric Dyeing Yarn Natural Dye Fabric Natural Dyeing Tinta Natural Bikinis Crochet. Use the follow-ing chart.

Indigo - two natural vats clay resist. Stock solution 116 tsp. Add salt and dye in proportions listed above.

Higher temperatures within this range result in somewhat deeper color. Procions MX dyes are used in coldwarm 30⁰C water and can also be used to print or hand paint. Stir the paste into a cup of hot tap water 140F.

Stir thoroughly so that all the particles are dissolved. Dry dye powder3 tsp. Procion MX dyes are typically used with a soda ash fixative which can be added directly to the dye bath or used to pretreat the fabric as in tie dyeing and other batch setting techniques.

Add pre-dissolved dye salt to water. Dry dye powder 14 cup stock solution 14 tsp. When doing normal dye painting and screening use 12 the amount of dye listed below.

Dry dye powder14 cup stock solution 14 tsp. You can make all the colors you need by mixing lemon yellow fuschia and turquoise. There are several dyeing methods which can be used for Procions.

Mix the Acid dye powder to a paste first in a small amount of warm water or methylated spirit then dissolve thoroughly in boiling water. In all two-and-one-half gallons. This will now start the chemical reaction.

Dry dye powder 12 cup 24 tsp stock solution 12 tsp. More agitation more even color. November 9 2014 November 10 2014 jeanne dyeing mx fiber reactive dyes silk dye recipe im tired of having to go thru my notes every time i get ready to mix up a batch of silk dyes.

Top up to the chosen volume when cold. MIX DYEBATH Mix the two solutions in your dyepot and add the rest of the water. Loosely roll the fabric and plastic into.

Dry dye powder 3 tsp. This handout gives you all the info you need to make use and tend a fermented vat or a ferrous vat. Exploring Low-Water Immersion Dyeing.

Dying with black beans part 2.

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