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Installs vmware tools if the machine is virtual. Recently VMware announced the general availability of their VMware vRealize Orchestrator vRO plugin for Chef formerly vCenter Orchestrator.

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Chef recipe vmware. Chef-run Remotely execute Chef Infra recipes or even a single resource on systems over SSH or WinRM. Is authored using Ruby which is a programming language designed to read and behave in a predictable manner Is mostly a collection of resources defined using patterns resource names attribute-value pairs and actions. Using Chef with VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

Chef-client -o vmware-tools --force-formatter -j. By default Test Kitchen uses the base images provided by Bento. Windows - 32-bit and 64-bit.

Chef cookbook for installing VMware tools. A VM template capable of installing Chef 118 or newer. Chef Workstation gives you everything you need to get started with Chef - ad hoc remote execution remote scanning configuration tasks cookbook creation tools as well as robust dependency and testing software - all in one easy-to-install package.

This can be either windows or linux flavored. Just include vmware_tools in your nodes run_list. Chef and knife command line tools.

Includes support for load balancers machines and images as well as. Chef-client -z myclusterrb And you get a load balancer with both of your web servers in it. Defaultvmware-toolsupdate - default set to true you know you want the newest always.

The Chef plugin for vRealize Orchestrator vRO is a VMware-supplied plugin If you use vRO this provides the majority of the necessary features For more information see the plugin demo on YouTube. Chef Infra Client provides a reasonable set of resources enough to support many of the most common infrastructure automation scenarios. A basic provisioning recipe.

Improved Chef CLI A faster Chef CLI with improved support for Policyfiles and cookbook generation. However this DSL can also be extended when additional resources and capabilities are required. Helper code is added around this using Ruby when needed Must define everything that is required to configure part of a system Must be stored in a cookbook May be included in another recipe.

Bento is a Chef Software project that produces base testing VirtualBox Parallels and VMware boxes for multiple operating systems for use with Test Kitchen. A provisioning node can be local An environment equipped with the chef client and the chef-provisioning-vsphere gem. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Defaultvmware-toolswindows_reboot - default set to true and if put at the first cookbook youll. Run the recipe. Drivers -Chef Provisioning has an extensible driver system that works with many clouds Virtual Machines containers and even bare metal.

If you must do it the risk is the conflicting delimiters will drive you insane at. This plugin offers a number of vRO workflows for interacting with the Chef Server such as modifying nodes and environments and bootstrapping new nodes with. Chef Infra Client uses Ruby as its reference language for creating cookbooks and defining recipes with an extended DSL for specific resources.

Scale Kubernetes adoption and lower maintenance costs by isolating dependencies and using the same process to package all applications. VMware Support Test and provision systems in VMware vSphere clusters with Test Kitchen and knife support for VMware vSphere. Installs and configures VMware Workstation 10.

Integrate Chef with VMware vCenter vRealize Fusion and Workstation with ready to go plug-ins. A provisioner is the component on which the Chef Infra Client code will be run either using chef-zero or chef-solo via the chef_zero and chef_solo provisioners respectively. Windows - required to use the windows_package resource that installs on the Windows platform.

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