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My recipes will always give you a background story. Knead the dough with hands until its smooth-it should be smooth and elastic not too soft and sticky.

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We are rediscovering what our ancestors practiced decades ago.

Zagreb recipes. This is kneaded by hand into a firm dough- it shouldnt stick to your hand any moreleave to riseand after the dough has risen nicely it is rolled out and cut into rectangular diamond shaped pieces with a cut in the middle. Cut the sardines meat with a well sharpened knife and put all the ingridients in. After that visit the antiques fair in British Square Britanac and get started on cooking the authentic Zagreb lunch following our grandmas recipes.

Incorporate the egg whites slowly and gradually to the warm mixture 1 and 2. When kneading the dough you can make it easy and putt it all in your stand mixer which will do the work. But some recipes like this authentic one from Zagreb.

Monkfish tripe is apparently a particularly rare way of preparing tripe and I confess to not knowing much more than that. However I wanted to show you our traditional old-school way of making it. Coat the schnitzels on both sides and set aside.

For this recipe it is better that the steak is little bit bigger because the meat is filled with ham and cheese and then folded on one side then breaded and fried. Just type that into your search engine of choice and youll find the recipe. All these methods are at the heart of many Croatian recipes.

Think food foraging fermenting drying curing smoking. Take a walk around Dolac the best known open air market in Zagreb buy your groceries and enjoy a cup of coffee on špica. Place a rectangular frame baking ring of 8 x 16 in 20x40cm on a large flat plate.

Take a clean tablecloth and dust with some flour. The original Zagreb steak is made from veal but you can make it with any other meat such as turkey or pork. Mix together the fresh cottage cheese sour cream salt and pepper.

Clean well the sardinesand take off the skin and bones. Zagreb Veal Steak. Some will argue that they differ from gingerbread in that honey not molasses is used nor are there any of the spices associated with gingerbread.

Brush the dough with oil and cover and place in a warm spot for 30 minutes. A Croatian foodie friend suggested it deserved to be included in this section. Authentic recipes for licitar are closely-guarded secrets handed down from generation-to-generation.

It basically contains of flour yeast a little sugar salt an egg and water. There is also very little online about monkfish trip and the best I can do for you is this recipe. How to Make Sardines Tartar.

As a passionate food historian Ill teach you which culinary methods are green and planet friendly. In the pan with the leftover butter continue frying the butter and add the garlic. In a deep pan heat the butter and fry the crumbed schnitzels lightly on each side until slightly golden and lay each schnitzel into a long baking dish.

Place the first puff pastry at the bottom of the frame pour in the hot mixture and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Sift flour onto clean working surface I dont always sift it make a well in the middle and pour egg in that well.

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