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Tonic promoters claim their cocktail will fertilize the lawn and help eliminate bugs disease and thatch all while keeping the lawn green with minimal watering. The ammonia acts like a fertilizer the dish soap washes off pollutants the beer kills the weeds.

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Of cayenne pepper and 2 tbsp.

Lawn tonic recipe wgrz. The sight of brown parched grass can be daunting but a homebrewed recipe originally concocted by a greenskeeper in Colorado with items that may already occupy your cupboards could help to bring. Walk as if following an imaginary line back and forth across the lawn. Spray your lawn with the mixture once every few weeks.

1 cup full-sugar non-diet cola. Why this Homemade Lawn Food Recipe Works. 12 cup of mouthwash.

12 cup of liquid ammonia. The dish soap helps the mixture stick to the plant and spread slowly along the leaves while vinegar will dry out the plant. Epsom salt Listerine Ammonia Beer Dish soap and Soda when combined together can do wonders for your lawn.

1 can of beer no light beer 1 can of soda no diet soda 12 cup of liquid soap. Turn on the hose. 1 can of regular beer no light beer 1 can of regular soda any kind except diet soda 12 cup of general liquid soap any kind accept NO anti-bacterial 12 cup of liquid ammonia.

Listerine kills insects that live on grassroots and soda with its carbohydrate content increases your lawns lushness. One full can of beer no light beer 12oz. 12 Cup of Liquid dishwashing soap do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid.

Attach the hose to the sprayer. Of hot sauce in 2 cups of water. Tim Heffrons lawn tonic recipe.

Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe From Golf Course Groundskeeper. If you have treated your lawn with chemicals before beer can help restore the natural bacteria. As mentioned earlier Epsom salt ammonia and beer are a boon to your lawn grass.

Put the ingredients in a 10-gallon hose. A mixture of dish soap Epsom salt and vinegar has been recommended for killing weeds. If you have pets keep them in to prevent them from coming into contact with the tonic.

Beer is a unique item to add to your soil. Apply to everything in your yard to the point or run-off every 3 weeks in the morning throughout the growing season. I have researched a few recipes and they seem to all have the same basic ingredients.

It also distributes nutrients to the grass. Hi friends I have recently learned about a tonic you can put on your grass made with ingredients that you may already have in your home. This miracle cure for weeds has gone viral many times over and with reason.

I am going to add before and after photos for comparison and honest review of this lawn tonic. There are many different solutions although a good tall fence is probably the best and most expensive one. Here in our part of Hamilton grubs are a real problem so maybe is just what we need.

Self-proclaimed gardening expert Jerry Baker creator of a myriad of just plain weird landscape. 12 Cup of mouthwash any brand Find this Pin and more on household tips tricksby Terri Brodfuehrer. Mix all of the ingredients in a bucket and pour into your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer.

Since it is fermented it adds beneficial chemicals to the soil that aide in healthy bacteria growth. To starthere is the recipe. Recipe makes 36 oz of concentrated Secret Lawn Tonic and the auther states should give you enough for 10 gallons of the diluted mixture 36 oz.

You can get the recipe here. 12 Cup of household ammonia. Many websites attribute its origin to a golf course superintendent.

2 eggs 2 cloves of garlic 2 tbsp. Mix all the ingredients together including 4 ounces Listerine mouthwash and put into an empty Miracle Grow container that attaches to your watering hose. HOMEMADE LAWN TONIC and GRUB KILLER.

For less money try blood meal thorny bushes or my special Deer Buster Egg Tonic. 12 cup of mouthwash I prefer regular Scope Pour all ingredients into a 20 Gallon Lawn Sprayer and spray on your lawn until all the ingredients are expended as this is 100 natural you cannot spray too much or harm your lawn with it. 1 can of beer 1 cup of ammonia 12 cup of dishwashing liquid 12 cup of liquid lawn food and 12 cup molasses or corn syrup.

12 cup dark molasses. The recipe is. Allow the tonic to soak into the grass before using the lawn area for a few hours.

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