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There are already recipes for level 100 first age LIs in tier 9 so there isnt much reason to add the same recipes again in tier 10. What Are Crafting Recipes.

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As you unlock different levels of your chosing crafting profession you are given a set of recipes straight away.

Lotro li recipes. Settings which grant willmightmoralepower and tactical and physical mastery. Reshaped Hunters Bow of the First Age Level 95 Critical Success Result. Heres a little trick for dealing with an NPC vendor that has a very large list of itemsrecipes.

T1 - Apprentice Metalsmith Recipe Index. ItemReshaped Hunters Bow of the First Age Recipe Level 100 Standard Recipe Result. T3 - Expert Metalsmith Recipe Index.

Runes which grant incoming healingin-combat morale regenin-combat power. It has a 6 days 18hs cooldown and it yields a purple item you can break using your Flame of Ancalamir. Once reforged the item will continue to accumulate experience 10 levels at a time.

Once you talk to the legendary guild crafter people they give you one of these crests and you can either right click it Gain rep with that crafting guild. However these are not the only ones you can pick up. T4 - Artisan Weaponsmith Recipe Index.

12 Strong Hauberk of the Galadhrim. Metalsmith Recipe Index. T1 - Apprentice Weaponsmith Recipe Index.

There are five types of relics. Relics and Essences are both systems that are already at a very high power level. For bigger more sturdy Legendary items LI.

Making things in LOTRO requires the use of recipes. The item will need to be reforged every 10 levels and it will reach its maximum at level 60. 2 Khazâd-copper Ingot s Chunk of Pink Rock-salt.

Official website for The Lord of the Rings Online with game information developers diaries frequently asked questions and message boards. 2 Khazâd-copper Ingot s Chunk of Pink Rock-salt. T3 - Expert Weaponsmith Recipe Index.

It does not matter whether youre making armour weapons or food you will need to follow the recipe. 3 Khazâd-copper Ingot s Polished Aquamarine Chunk of Pink Rock-salt. Gems which grant vitalityagilityfate and critical rating.

4 Khazâd-steel Ingot s 2 Khazâd-iron Ingot s Mithril Flake Elven-cloth Lining. The crafting guild vendors that sell the level 95 LI recipes also sell the level 100 LI recipes. Relics are items that can be slotted on Legendary Items to add additional bonuses to their user.

T2 - Journeyman Metalsmith Recipe Index. None Barter Information Level 59. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Check with your Guild Improved Recipes NPC and youll find it under T13 it requires Honoured Master standing. During reforging a legendary item can be renamed although they can also be renamed at. A complete list of Weaponsmith recipe indexes by tier.

6 Aquamarine Flint Rune-stone Brilliant Aquamarine Flint Rune-stone. I have multiple crafting alts that have bought and used various 2nd Age and 1st Age level 100 LI recipes. Vault it for future construction of an Improved recipe or trade like 6 small crests in for a medium 3 mediums in for a large crest etc.

Reshaped Hunters Bow of the First Age Level 100 Critical Success Result. New Crafting Recipe. The recipes you need are at the Quartermaster of the March on Gundabad inside the War-room Annak-khurfu - you need acquaintance standing and 10 Copper Coins of Gundabad to get the recipe which is bound to account on acquire.

A complete list of Metalsmith recipe indexes by tier. T4 - Artisan Metalsmith Recipe Index. 6 Khazâd-copper Obsidian Rune-stone Flawless Khazâd-copper Obsidian Rune-stone.

12 Sustaining Gauntlets of the Galadhrim Glorious Sustaining Gauntlets of the Galadhrim Resolute Gauntlets of the Galadhrim Glorious Resolute Gauntlets of the Galadhrim. Jump to navigation Jump to search. For now there are no recipes for these in tier 10 but we plan on adding recipes for these at some point in the future.

Westemnet Tier 9 Recipe. Standard Recipe Result. T2 - Journeyman Weaponsmith Recipe Index.

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